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The Great Adventure Lab (formerly Adventures with Robots) is an after-school science enrichment program that runs in 50+ schools in the D.C. area. We’ve taught thousands of kids how to write their first robotics programs or video game programs (or both!). This is the start of our fourth school year!

We do it all with SMALL class sizes (adult-student ratio = 6:1) and highly skilled teachers, many of whom have or still work as scientists or engineers. Our goal is to make science, technology, engineering and mathematics irresistibly FUN for the next generation. Kids leave our classes demanding MORE!

You can read all about our classes and birthday parties on our web site: Our site includes plenty of reviews, photos and links to videos from our classes!  

We are an LLC based in Silver Spring, Md. We are fully insured and our instructors have passed background checks including FBI and state fingerprinting. 


Here are mini-descriptions of our Fall 2013 offerings at Cold Spring E.S. Please follow links for complete details, including photos! Room numbers TBD. Instructor will send welcome email several days before class. These activities are not sponsored by, associated with, or endorsed by MCPS or Montgomery County Government.



Lego Robotics 1  Full description, reviews & more photos

GRADES 2-4, no exceptions    

Tuesdays  3:10 - 4:10pm

Meeting dates: Sept 24, Oct 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, Nov 5 (snow day Nov 19)

 This is our core class, where beginners learn to build and program LEGO® robotsusing LEGO® Education's award-winning WeDo robotics and programming software. 

Areas of exploration: robotics, programming, logic. 1 instructor, 1 aide. Seven 60-min meetings, once per week.  $115 per student. You are welcome to volunteer as parent aide. Parent aide gets free tuition. See requirements here. Min 11/ max 12 students.  The GrAd Lab provides one netbook and one robotics kit for each pair of students.




Robo Challenge 1  Full description, reviews & more photos


GRADES 3*-5, no exceptions


Wednesdays: 3:10 - 4:10pm

Meeting dates: Sept 25, Oct. 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, Nov 6 (snow day Nov 13)

 Took our Lego Robotics class and want more? And more of a challenge? Or are you in 4th or 5th grade, ready to launch into robotics with no previous experience? This class is for you. Instead of working with step-by-step building directions and sample programs, we’ll start each class with a programming challenge set by our instructors. Then we’ll use Lego robotics kits to design bots to go with our programs. We’ll build catapults, crash-avoidance vehicles, hexbug nano catchers and more!  

*3rd grade prerequisite: Lego Robotics 1


Areas of exploration: robotics, programming, logic.  1 instructor, 1 aide. Seven 60-min meetings, once per week  $120 per student,  Min 11/ max 12 students.



Mindstorms Here's a full description of the class


GRADES 4-7, no exceptions


Thursdays:  3:10 - 4:40pm


Meeting dates: Sept 26, Oct 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, Nov 7 (snow day Nov 14)


We'll have an awesome time building robots that can navigate obstacle courses and with help from a multitude of sensors including, mostion, touch and ultrasonic! We'll use Lego Mindstorms base kits to master the programming of basic movements, then progress to more difficult challenges. 


Areas of exploration include: programming, robotics, logic. 1 instructor. Seven, 90-minute meetings, one per week. $195 per student, min 9/ max 10 students.



Let's Roll Engineers  Full description, reviews & photos


GRADES K-1 no exceptions


Wednesdays:  3:10 - 4:10pm


Meeting dates: Nov 6, 13, 20, off 27, on Dec 4, 11, 18


Using the Lego Duplo Tech Machines education kit, designed for ages 5+,we’ll start each class with brief story-based challenge - and then use tools to build our own vehicular solutions. We'll also extend each lesson with real-life applications of the concepts we cover while building! Wait til your kids start making toy-sized zip-lines for their creations all over your house!


Areas of exploration include: problem solving, engineering, logic. 1 instructor, 1 aide. Six, 60-minute meetings, once per week. $95 per student, min 11/ max 12. students. You are welcome to volunteer as parent aide. Parent aide gets free tuition. See requirements here.


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The Great Adventure Lab, formerly known as Adventures with Robots. Same company. Same management. New name to fit our growing curriculum!

Registration questions:
(240) 442-1855
twitter: @awrobots


September 24, 2013 — 3:10 pm to
November 07, 2013 — 4:10 pm

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